Sunday, 31 May 2009

Touched by the kindness of strangers..


I'm guessing some of you are wondering why on the hottest day of the year I have posted a picture of Mikey in his motorbike jacket. Mikey loves motorbikes..admittedly he prefers them moving to not, he spots them a mile off in traffic...oh the giggles and we frequently go to a woods near us so he can see them come and go.. hours we watch so he can smile and enjoy. Well just over a week ago I posted on a motorbike forum to ask if there were any ride outs near here so we could come and watch. I explained a little about Mikey and was over the moon when I got responses, this has escalated over the last week to an invite to their rally, ride outs and now they are arranging a ride out just for Mikey possible with him being part of it (obviously in our car) and raising money for his hospice too. One member has even bought him a basil brush and the forum are getting him one of their fleeces for his birthday, separate from that a member is arranging a ride out from a local group and the messages I have received have resorted me to tears, tears of happiness and to be honest, completely overwhelmed at the care and kindness of complete strangers. I really needed this lift after a tough few weeks, so if they are reading this thank you all at TMBF for everything, as you know I cant put into words how much I want to thank you, my little boy is going to be buzzing. You are truly amazing people with hearts of gold. Lori and Mikey, xx


  1. As owner of TMBF with stu, we would like to say how happy and touched we are by your post here. The members of the forum never fail to amaze me with their thoughtfulness and kindness.

    We are glad that we gave you the lift you needed after your tough weeks and will be there for you in the future.

    Take care both of you!

    Vicki and Stu
    TheMotorBikeForum :)

  2. That's absolutely wonderful Lori! Little Fish loves her "Noisy Bikes" too although she wouldn't want to get too close to them. I am sure Mikey will LOVE it and glad it's happened at the right time for you too.


  3. How wonderful Lori...what amazing people there are out there!
    Love and hugs

  4. How wonderful! I've always found bikers an very kind lot and often hear of groups doing great stuff for charity. Just what you both needed.


  5. How wonderful, it is lovely that the members of the forum have been so kind to you. Im glad also that it has helped lift your spirits. Hugs to you and Mikey xx

  6. I've got a little lump in my throat, so pleased we've had such a positive effect on you, and helped to give you the little lift you needed, hope to meet you both soon

    Neil aka cleedubber TMBF

  7. Thats awesome news! Thank you TMBF :-)