Sunday, 26 April 2009

The London Marathon

....was this morning. Every year I watch and in particular since completing it in 2003 I feel a certain warmth and buzz and envy of those on the streets. I have vowed to take part in it again before i am forty..that gives me nine years.. I have four more years of rejections before I am guaranteed a place so I should achieve my aim. Below are pics of my attempt first time round..what a day and what an atmosphere. It is a killer, no doubt but boy is it so so so worth it. I would hope to do better next time, I have lost a lot of the post baby chunk you can see in my pic below (disguised by my Minnie mouse costume :-)) but serious training would be needed first, not a bad thing though as is the only thing that would make me give up smoking again... that or being pregnant and the latter would be a definite no no!!! Last time I raised alot of money for scope but this time I would raise money for more local charities which have had a huge impact on Mikey's life, just a little way of giving something back for the support they provide. That is why I need a ballot place.. but one years rejection and four to go, but maybe this years application will be a lucky one and maybe not...
Here's a couple of pics...excuse the white flash marks... all proudly arranged in a posh frame so photos of photos ;-)





Thursday, 23 April 2009

It's not abandoned!

Am aware that my blog is looking a little vacant, it isn't abandoned, am being a good girl and in between Mikey's care needs am studying every spare second as have my final year exams in a few weeks. I have pictures to add but when I take a break I find myself staring at some useless programme on TV or walking around in circles looking for a corner to hide in. :-)
A very quick update though, Mikey's new feeding regime though hard work (more in the preparation) touch wood is working well. He enjoyed his Easter holidays as did I and I didn't want him to go back to school, mainly for my own selfishness of wanting more fun times with him but also in the back of my mind I knew his return to school meant I had to study study study! Got the appointment through today to see the surgeon in five weeks. Have definitely come round to the idea now and look forward to how it will help Mikey. I refuse to think about the issues around the anesthesia just now, just focusing on a healthy choke free time ahead for my special boy and as always taking one day at a time and concentrating on Mikey's ever present smiles. :-)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Decision made..getting used to it

At an appointment yesterday the decision for Mikey to have a PEG (gastrostomy) was decided. This follows alot of choking incidents and one last week which was extremely scary.. for this reason my head and heart is in it but the idea is taking some getting used to. It has been mentioned several times over the last few months but I have been holding out for hope of a alternative solution. There is none. I am focusing on the positives pointed out by friends who's children have had this done; namely no more sitting on the child to give yucky medicines, no more worrying if had enough fluid intake or food/nutrient intake, dependent on child it all goes down the tube, but the biggie for me is the reassurance of Mikey being able to enjoy bits of food rather than knowing he has to eat but being petrified he is going to choke on anyone of the mouthfuls. Due to so many episodes, it could be his bad winter of chest infections could be mainly due to aspiration. This is all to scary to not go ahead with the procedure. I have to allow it for Mikey's quality of life to be optimum. I am confident that once done it will be one of the best things for him but it's going to be a rocky road getting to that point, but as i always say, Mikey keeps smiling so I have to too. I am so lucky to have friends including the doctors secretary and Mikey's nurse who have all been a fantastic support in the last twenty four hours. I am not focusing on what this means in the big picture of Mikeys health but looking at it as a piece in the jigsaw that will ease some of the problems he is having to deal with.

Aside from the above we have been enjoying the sunny weather (despite a puncture in the wheelchair) Have pics but need to upload them yet, but will hopefully this side of Easter... but don't count your chickens... ha ha. :-)