Thursday, 23 April 2009

It's not abandoned!

Am aware that my blog is looking a little vacant, it isn't abandoned, am being a good girl and in between Mikey's care needs am studying every spare second as have my final year exams in a few weeks. I have pictures to add but when I take a break I find myself staring at some useless programme on TV or walking around in circles looking for a corner to hide in. :-)
A very quick update though, Mikey's new feeding regime though hard work (more in the preparation) touch wood is working well. He enjoyed his Easter holidays as did I and I didn't want him to go back to school, mainly for my own selfishness of wanting more fun times with him but also in the back of my mind I knew his return to school meant I had to study study study! Got the appointment through today to see the surgeon in five weeks. Have definitely come round to the idea now and look forward to how it will help Mikey. I refuse to think about the issues around the anesthesia just now, just focusing on a healthy choke free time ahead for my special boy and as always taking one day at a time and concentrating on Mikey's ever present smiles. :-)

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