Monday, 9 February 2009

Caught in the act!

I knew the blackbirds were responsible for eating the wheat crunchies and chocolate buttons from Mikey's snowman and was in the right place at the right time with camera to hand to see the last wheat crunchie being snaffled:

(should the blackbird have a dairy intolerance then its OK as the buttons are dairy free...Lol)

Sunday, 8 February 2009


OK, could not let a blog pass without our snowy pics. Mikey wrapped up to the nines (amazing how many layers can fit under a coat when need arises... the one time i don't complain about clothes not being made for skinny kids) The pics say it all really but Mikey loved being out in the snow... he even was eventually brave and touched it! He loved snowballs being thrown in the air and splattered on the ground or wall.. we stayed out long enough to build a snowman with wheat crunchies and chocolate buttons for nose/eyes etc and to throw a few snowballs about but i feared for his chest so brought him back in (much to his dismay at first) when his little nose started to go a bit rudolphy... once over his paddy he was happy to flake out all snugly on the sofa...and so for the pics:

(and sorry, i have got them all topsy turvy and back to front but am sure you get the gist of the fun had)

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


this I understand.. a child wanting to be out in the snow...


this I don't understand... still freezing outside with snow on ground but a neighbours washing...


this i understand.. pairs of socks...


this i don't understand.. odd socks that I am sure would have been pairs when they went in the washing machine...


OK, i haven't quite lost the plot but often think about how frustrating it must be for Mikey and how often he is misunderstood... mainly from a communication point of view. For those who don't know Mikey has no verbal means of communication as uses what has become affectionately known as "Mikey adapted makaton" He only uses a few signs and the food ones (such as BSL sign for Y for yogurt) have been the most successful... but i wonder how frustrating it must be for him with this limitation. I in turn find it frustrating when he cannot communicate with me.. especially when he is in pain.. there is no way for him to tell me where it hurts.. i have to go by visible signs and symptoms eg fever... part of my job as mummy is to ease his pain, i get so sad that I cant do that as quick as i may be able to if he were able to tell me earlier on where it hurts. Just a few of my musings of life in my shoes. (and if anyone catches the sock monster tell him I want our socks back! Lol)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My lil "Wii" man

... before i update on the health side of things I have to share my sheer joy today... I set up our new Wii last night and today went out to buy the mario carts with steering wheel... this evening I sat Mikey on my knee and he loved Mario karts! I believe (and please don't burst my bubble on this) he understood the idea of him (well us... very much my hands directing and over his hands) steering was moving the little kart on the TV screen and the screeches of delight when he crashed it or if it went over a zoomy ramp type thing to go really fast. He sat on my knee and played for about twenty minutes... that is a huge miracle as Mikey does not sit still for any length of time. Unfortunately I couldnt take any photos as only us here but needed to share this little piece of enjoyment!

In light of the above I am sure you now know that Mikey is much improved chest wise. He is still on the anti-b's but loads better in himself and back to being my cheeky little dude. There are other issues floating around, primarily feeding issues and choking but for tonight I am clinging onto my Wii man and special memories made earlier on.

Many thanks to all for messages of get well and support. L. xx