Sunday, 8 February 2009


OK, could not let a blog pass without our snowy pics. Mikey wrapped up to the nines (amazing how many layers can fit under a coat when need arises... the one time i don't complain about clothes not being made for skinny kids) The pics say it all really but Mikey loved being out in the snow... he even was eventually brave and touched it! He loved snowballs being thrown in the air and splattered on the ground or wall.. we stayed out long enough to build a snowman with wheat crunchies and chocolate buttons for nose/eyes etc and to throw a few snowballs about but i feared for his chest so brought him back in (much to his dismay at first) when his little nose started to go a bit rudolphy... once over his paddy he was happy to flake out all snugly on the sofa...and so for the pics:

(and sorry, i have got them all topsy turvy and back to front but am sure you get the gist of the fun had)

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