Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My lil "Wii" man

... before i update on the health side of things I have to share my sheer joy today... I set up our new Wii last night and today went out to buy the mario carts with steering wheel... this evening I sat Mikey on my knee and he loved Mario karts! I believe (and please don't burst my bubble on this) he understood the idea of him (well us... very much my hands directing and over his hands) steering was moving the little kart on the TV screen and the screeches of delight when he crashed it or if it went over a zoomy ramp type thing to go really fast. He sat on my knee and played for about twenty minutes... that is a huge miracle as Mikey does not sit still for any length of time. Unfortunately I couldnt take any photos as only us here but needed to share this little piece of enjoyment!

In light of the above I am sure you now know that Mikey is much improved chest wise. He is still on the anti-b's but loads better in himself and back to being my cheeky little dude. There are other issues floating around, primarily feeding issues and choking but for tonight I am clinging onto my Wii man and special memories made earlier on.

Many thanks to all for messages of get well and support. L. xx

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  1. Wow that sounds great with M playing the wii.
    When we get ours out L likes to play sonic & mario olympics. He likes the hammer throw, as we hold the wiimote in his hand & help him circle it in the air.
    I think the wii is a fab invention & allows our kids to play with something at last.