Saturday, 24 January 2009

Behind the mask

.... is a little boy fighting a horrible infection. I had hoped for happier news to tell you but this infection has hit him hard. There are signs of improvement and the glimmer of smiles today. The reason for the photo is you may see the mask is HUGE! Mikey is needing a high level of oxygen input to keep his oxygen levels above 90% and he has fought his usual canulae and paediatric masks so while on a hunt for a solution I found the said mask. RESULT! More toleration and a better oxygenated Mikey and happier mummy! After a better night during the night last night I had hoped he had turned the corner this morning. When I awoke it was all quiet and I got the familiar panic feeling as I went in his room not knowing what I may find. I know I am not alone in this feeling and used to worry I was morbid in my thinkings but a recent discussion revealed I am not alone in this fear, some may understand and some may not. I won't dwell on it. Mikey decided to scare me some more by coughing up some blood... that was a new experience for us both but in different ways. So's not to go into details all i can say is though Mikey is still very poorly, he is fighting it and tomorrow will bring a new day with hopefully more improvements in his health. Thankyou to the lovely messages we have recieved and thankyou for allowing me to blog this, I think I needed to get it off my chest (for want of a better phrase!)...always easier to write (or type) than talk.

Keep getting well my lil dude. You are my world. Loads of Love, Mummy. xxxxxxxxx


  1. i share your fear absolutely..i hate the quiet in the morning thing...makes me feel sick coming down the stairs...

    i love the mask! glad its working...keep getting well Mikey xxx

  2. Poor little guy, he's such a fighter and such a gorgeous little boy. The morbid feeling of dread is something I think all mothers feel, not just with poorly kids - I'm always convinced Ryan's dad has got in and taken him when he's just sneaked down to watch TV. Hope he gets better soon and if there's anything at all you want give me a Shout. Lisa xx

  3. just wondering how mikey was doing..
    hugs to you all, you know where i am .

  4. Much better (touch wood!) thankyou. Will update later. ;-) L. x