Wednesday, 4 February 2009


this I understand.. a child wanting to be out in the snow...


this I don't understand... still freezing outside with snow on ground but a neighbours washing...


this i understand.. pairs of socks...


this i don't understand.. odd socks that I am sure would have been pairs when they went in the washing machine...


OK, i haven't quite lost the plot but often think about how frustrating it must be for Mikey and how often he is misunderstood... mainly from a communication point of view. For those who don't know Mikey has no verbal means of communication as uses what has become affectionately known as "Mikey adapted makaton" He only uses a few signs and the food ones (such as BSL sign for Y for yogurt) have been the most successful... but i wonder how frustrating it must be for him with this limitation. I in turn find it frustrating when he cannot communicate with me.. especially when he is in pain.. there is no way for him to tell me where it hurts.. i have to go by visible signs and symptoms eg fever... part of my job as mummy is to ease his pain, i get so sad that I cant do that as quick as i may be able to if he were able to tell me earlier on where it hurts. Just a few of my musings of life in my shoes. (and if anyone catches the sock monster tell him I want our socks back! Lol)

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  1. it has to be hard trying to decipher what is wrong etc...hugsxxx