Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday the 13th

OK, I haven't quite lost the plot, I am aware that it is the 12th today but this time last year it was Friday the 13th and I am having a “this time last year” day.

I never used to be superstitious but this time last year I did begin to wonder if there was anything in it! It was Friday the 13th and we lived at number 13. Mikey was very poorly with a chest infection so the day started off as a normal day looking after little man and making him as comfortable as possible with a lot of fights with keeping his oxygen on him.

Then all hell broke loose at lunch time. A little background: we were having our bathroom changed into a wet room. as part of that asbestos was found. to cut a long story short this asbestos was disturbed in a bad way the Tuesday before this day and on this day (the 13th) a company was coming to do air monitoring tests, bearing in mind that myself and my sick child had been left in that property since the disturbance happened.

So two (rather cute as I remember lol) fellas turned up with equipment and a lab in their van which I was very impressed with being a science geek. This followed to events that will stay with me forever. At 1.45pm I was told that we had to leave immediately and could take nothing with us. I won’t go into details about the heartache that followed in trying to find somewhere suitable balanced with worrying about M’s present health condition but in the end we had to go 150 miles away to stay with friends, all we had was the clothes we were wearing, an 02 bottle for Mikey, his medications and a packet of nappies oh and my bank card and I sneaked my mobile and charger out in my pocket. I can’t begin to explain that terrible journey. I needed to get there as quick as possible but keep Mikey oxygenated at the same time. The poor child didn't even have any shoes on…we were proper nomads!! I had to push my feelings aside of losing everything we had in that property and concentrate on getting to where we were going to.

The days that followed were extremely hard and it was months before we were relocated to where we are now. I am forever grateful to the love and concern of all who helped us since this incident…with the practical things and the emotional turmoil. Those responsible for this mess are having to take responsibility for it which is why this all is a bit vague (legalities!) but nothing will ever make up for this time last year and the anxiety and issues in the days/months that followed and the concerns associated with asbestos exposure which we now have.

But… refocus.. need to concentrate on the here and now but is just a snippet into today's thoughts and thank goodness it is Friday the 12th today and not Friday the 13th!!

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