Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mummys can't be poorly!

The title says it all really. I am struggling with a virusy cold and have had this for nearly a week. Feel guilty for moaning about feeling yuk and it humbles me to think that Mikey must feel yuk alot of the time yet he keeps smiling best he can.. so why don't I? I go to sleep each night thinking tomorrow I should feel better but morning comes and the aches and constant headache is still there. Weekend was a real struggle. Too proud to ask for help from anyone, and would there be any point? I wrote on my face book status about being yukky. People who could have helped sent me get well wishes, nothing more, probably too scared to offer to help with Mikey incase I actually took them up on it and would have ruined their weekend plans. On the phone to my brother yesterday I told him I was poorly. He gave me sympathy but it wasn't until i said I had been fainting he said he would have come over after work... so to be poorly you have to pass out because then you are really poorly. Lol. I tell a little white lie there as another mum of a child offered to have Mikey on the second day yet she has a child of her own with high care needs, but she does understand the struggle of being ill and being a carer. Yep, this is a self pitying post, but as i said when i started out, i will be honest in my posts with my feelings at the time of posting. Hey ho.. off in search of lemsip now....

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