Monday, 15 December 2008

Tentative hello

...mmm blog world.. have been tempted many times to embark on this journey while following several of my friends blogs. I believe it to be theraputic, addictive amongst other things?
For me, if I manage to keep it going as regular as you hope, it is a chance to share a peek into the world of myself and my now eight year old son who has several disabilities and complex health needs. A chance for me to say what is really happening and should my readers gain any strength from that then all good.
I hope to be honest in my thoughts and feelings that I share so to give a true insight into what it is really like to be a mum of a child with his needs, to show that I am not a saint or someone to be admired. I am just a mum who loves her boy so much as any mum and have to deal with whatever is thrown at us. Not a saint or a coper... just a mum...


  1. welcome to blogland Lori! if you want to add my blog to your list its