Thursday, 18 December 2008


Today is Mikeys nativity. Probably his last one at the school he is at now. Very excited for him. THe best part of it is when he is up at the front with his friends and teachers and you see the moment when he spots myself or someone he knows watching and gets very excited (and then spends the rest of the performance pulling tongues across the hall :-)) He is very good at that... i once took him to university with me initially to see the tutor before the lecture started but we were allowed to stay and boy did he have fun being centre of attention, not sure we all concentrated that well on what we were supposed to be doing but university at six years old...tell that to his doctors who said he wouldnt do this that and the other :-)


  1. Hehe, i remember that! and when he attempted to pull the leads out of the tutors laptop - hehe (was I not meant to mention that :-P)