Monday, 2 March 2009


... there are so many parents of special kids have to fight to get their children what they need... hence the word NEED and not want (and the latter is usually the case too!) I'm not even talking super dooper sensory equipment that costs an arm and a leg, am talking everyday rights to services and equipment which help our children. OF all the battles, a recent one has been very important for Mikey's well being. I won this battle (much to my and many others) surprise, don't get me wrong, I would have kept battling for this particular provision but it hasn't turned out to be as long winded (or expensive) as was perceived.. though nine months is still a long time of the stress and saying the right things to the right people in the right order meant it was a tough one all the same. When i recently learnt of the victory I was jumping around the room. Now the results of this battle will come into place a week today. It means big changes for my boy (and me) I know the right decisions have been made but apprehension comes with change. Not only the motherly worry but the practical and emotional effects on Mikey in this huge change in environment and routine. He is perhaps more resilient to it all than I am going to be and i hope will cope well with it all. Needed to blog my emotions as kind of a roller coaster for me and perhaps fortunately my lil man is clueless to the impending changes. Should I be able to explain to him I would but I cant find a way to make him understand. I ask for vibes that the changes do not shock him too much and that he settles into a new routine with ease. Just wish I could tell him what is going on to ease any confusion he may have and hope above hopes the positives outweigh the negatives.... which I am sure they will. But it's my job to worry so allow me to indulge.


  1. i know only too well how this change effects you and can effect is a transition you both have to go through and yes it may be hard but always keep in your mind that if it doesnt work you can change it. in the meantime lots of hugs and reassurance for both of youx

  2. Thankyou. Means alot. xxx