Thursday, 19 March 2009

Some thankyous...

A week of mixed feelings and emotions. Need to thank some special people who are my "rocks" In no particular order:

My friends at a support group I belong to Special Kids in the UK I have made many friends there with parents in similar and different situations, no where else could I talk about some things and receive honest open replies and no walking on egg shells.

Mikey's hospice for the love care and attention Mikey receives from there and the fun he has and also the support I receive from there. Again an overwhelming appreciation for the emotional and practical support to us both.

Family and friends for being normal I guess. I know some things I cannot discuss with all, perhaps due to me being aware of their feelings rather than my own and not wanting the walking on eggshells response. Having said that I met this week with a friend who has known me since I was a child. Due to life I hadn't seen her previous for six years yet I was able to talk to her about everything and everything. She always was and still is a special lady in my heart and i won't be leaving it another six years until I see her again!

And most of all thank you to my beautiful boy just for being him. I am so lucky he is my son. He humbles me daily to smile and smile even when he is poorly. I could write all day about the Mikeyisms that make him so special but I want the world to know how happy I am to be Mikey's mum and definitely the luckiest mum in the world. Obviously I would change things to make his life easier if I could but I cant so acceptance is key on that part which I guess few understand.

I'm guessing you think where has this all come from in the PhD of Mikey's life, it is in fact in thinking about departure from life and preparing for that which obviously I hope will be a long time away but reality forces certain issues and emotions which I am learning to deal with. Discussions this week have been poignant in the process and I wont go into details but those who have been a part of that this week, thank you for your support, openness and friendships and many hugs for all. xx

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